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Terratrip Bluetooth Adaptor

Terraphone Pro Amplifier

$ 179.00

Terratrip Professional intercom amplifier V.2 is for usage with Terraphone Pro, Clubman, and practice/transit headsets. The Terraphone Pro V.2 is the latest version of the Professional Terraphone intercom amplifier, now with the inclusion of Bluetooth capability, when used with the optional adapter kit. It features an output socket to go to a tape recorder (ideal for recording pacenotes), an optional interface kit to allow connection with 2 way radio setups and a separate on/off switch, thus allowing microphone/headset volumes to be left unaltered upon switching off. It has to be wired to the vehicle's 12V power supply and the amplifier is compatible with both the Professional and Clubman headsets and practice headsets utilizing 1/4" stereo jack/plug connections.

  • Professional grade intercom amplifier unit only,
  • 2 way radio connection socket with radio isolation switch,
  • AVC (auto volume control), eliminates 100% of amplified background noise,
  • Limiter, automatically reduces maximum amplified noise for as short period. If you shout, the other person will not be deafened, the electronics temporarily reduces the maximum peak of amplification,
  • Audio output socket to enable recording of pace notes, audio feed for video, etc
  • Audio input socket for music or other audio devices,
  • Separate on/off switch, so volumes remain unaltered,
  • Designed for directly wiring into your cars 12v system,
  • Terraphone Pro helmet and practice headsets feature noise cancelling microphones for improved sound reproduction utilizing 1/4" stereo jack connections,
  • Bluetooth compatible model, when used with the optional adapter kit,
  • Optional Stilo headset adapters available,
  • Optional Peltor/Bell Helmet adapters available.

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