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The competitive spirit is an asset for BFGoodrich. The BFGoodrich brand has invested years of competitive excellence in rallies for decades and is now the world leader in all disciplines. BFGoodrich is a Partner of World Rally Driver and Manufacturer Championships and with a shared history with Michelin has won more Rally Championships than any other tire manufacture in the World. Thanks to these successes, BFGoodrich provides you with products that offer full control, as well as unequalled driving reactivity and accuracy. Sube Sports is your North American source for both BFGoodrich and Michelin rally tires.

Michelin Designation BF Goodrich Equivalent
MIC-33864 14/56-13 XTL M4   BFG-35541 175/70-13 TL BFG GM4
MIC-34283 14/56-13 XTL M41   BFG-35541 175/70-13 TL BFG GM4
MIC-09970 14/56-13 XTL M5   BFG-48041 175/70-13 TL BFG GM5
MIC-72447 14/60-14 XTL M4     175/70-14 TL BFG GM4
MIC-07014 14/60-14 XTL M41   BFG-04343 14/60-14 TL BFG M41
MIC-72454 14/60-14 XTL M5     175/70-14 TL BFG GM5
MIC-14817 14/60-14 XTL M51   BFG-95386 14/60-14 TL BFG M51
  16/57-14 XTL N02     175/60-14 TLBFG A01
MIC-93390 16/57-14 XTL N20     175/60-14 TLBFG A20
  10/65-15 XM+S TL GA64     145/90-15 TL BFG ICE GA1
  14/62-15 XTL L72     175/70-15 TL BFG GL3
MIC-80688 14/62-15 XTL L82     175/70-15 TL BFG GL4
MIC-22099 14/62-15 XTL L92     175/70-15 TL BFG GL6
MIC-61717 16/65-15 XTL ZEL70   BFG-19157 185/70-15 TL BFG GZE3 L
MIC-95027 16/65-15 XTL ZER70   BFG-23418 185/70-15 TL BFG GZE3 R
MIC-71873 16/65-15 XTL ZEL80   BFG-02021 185/70-15 TL BFG GZE4 L
MIC-41159 16/65-15 XTL ZER80   BFG-01183 185/70-15 TL BFG GZE4 R
  16/65-15 XTL ZEL80B   BFG-04323 185/70-15 TL BFG GZE2 L
  16/65-15 XTL ZER81B   BFG-84647 185/70-15 TL BFG GZE2 R
MIC-42579 16/65-15 XTL ZEL90     185/70-15 TL BFG GZE5 L
MIC-52750 16/65-15 XTL ZER 90     185/70-15 TL BFG GZE5 R
MIC-95051 17/65-15 XTL ZL72   BFG-12029 195/70-15 TL BFG GZS2 L
MIC-67345 17/65-15 XTL ZR72   BFG-37763 195/70-15 TL BFG GZS2 R
MIC-95286 17/65-15 XTL ZAL81   BFG-96252 195/70-15 TL BFG GZS4 L
MIC-95961 17/65-15 XTL ZAR81   BFG-08274 195/70-15 TL BFG GZS4 R
MIC-75853 17/65-15 XTL ZL92   BFG-27130 195/70-15 TL BFG GZS5 L
MIC-85461 17/65-15 XTL ZR92   BFG-60526 195/70-15 TL BFG GZS5 R
MIC-95286 17/65-15 XTL ZAL81   BFG-04073 215/65-15 TL BFG GZG4 L
MIC-95961 17/65-15 XTL ZAL81   BFG-05447 215/65-15 TL BFG GZG4 R
MIC-12219 20/58-15 XTL NO2     215/45-15 TL BFG A01
MIC-27879 20/58-15 XTL N21     215/45-15 TL BFG A21
MIC-67657 10/65-16 XLT GEL64   BFG-12151 145/80 R16 TL BFG GE1L
MIC-35612 10/65-16 XLT GER64   BFG-37381 145/80 R16 TL BFG GE1R
MIC-85840 20/61-16 XTL N21     215/45-16 TL BFG A21
MIC-91021 20/65-17 XTL N03   BFG-35189 225/40-17 TL BFG A01
MIC-49572 20/65-17 XTL N22     225/40-17 TL BFG A10
  20/65-17 XTL N24   BFG-28297 225/40-17 TL BFG A20
  20/65-17 XTL N30     225/40-17 TL BFG A30
MIC-86814 20/65-17 XTL T04   BFG-18483 225/40-17 TL BFG W00
  20/65-17 XTL B00   BFG-18483 225/45-17 TL BFG W00
MIC-33731 20/65-18 XTL N04   BFG-01537 225/40-18 TL BFG A01
  20/65-18 XTL N20   BFG-06856 225/40-18 TL BFG A10
MIC-13055 20/65-18 XTL N24   BFG-11345 225/40-18 TL BFG A20
MIC-69861 20/65-18 XTL N43     225/40-18 TL BFG A30
MIC-06335 20/65-18 XTL T04   BFG-12943 225/14-18 TL BFG W00
  20/65-18 XTL B00   BFG-12943 225/40-18 TL BFG W00
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