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Terratrip Bluetooth Adaptor

303 Geotrip V5 Rally Computer

$ 500.00

The Terratrip 303 GeoTrip V5 Rally Computer with GPS & GLONASS enabled tracks up to 48 satellites simultaneously, this can give extremely high accuracy typically 0.2% of distance driven. The GeoTrip GPS & GLONASS is far more accurate than the GPS inside a smartphone or most car SatNav devices. Installation is simple with our bracket, either suction to the windscreen or bolt to the vehicle, then connect to the cars 12 volt supply. No more installation is required, but if you require a mechanical probe,you can also connect 1 or 2 in addition. If you connect a probe, then you have the added feature of probe fallback - if GPS signal is lost due to a tunnel or similar, then the probe will automatically take over. If no mechanical probe and GPS signal is lost, then the unit will estimate the distance traveled when signal is re-gained.

New features include performance timing, which shows acceleration and deceleration 0-60, 0-100, 0-xx (custom speed). Performance timing stores 8 results, and you can view in real time. An optional remote display (Part No. T016G) can be fitted and this will show Interval Distance, Speed or Average Speed. The remote display also has 7 LED indicators, these are used on regularity rallies and show the driver how far ahead or behind of the target speed in seconds. Optional remote zeroing unit is available by either foot remote or handheld remote.

  • GPS & GLONASS enabled,
  • External Antenna included,
  • Total distance display up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99,
  • Time of day, stopwatch, speed and average speed,
  • Time of day display automatically freezes when the stopwatch is stopped making it easy to check rally officials time,
  • Calibrate for miles or km,
  • 5 Digit Calibration,
  • Two probe inputs and two calibration numbers,
  • Speed indication,
  • Manually adjustable total distance display
  • Distance Fly for: fast adjustment of distance display,
  • Count up and down facility,
  • Split (freeze) function,
  • Electronic memory back up,
  • LED Display back lighting,
  • Full numerical keypad,
  • Optional remote display for speed, interval distance or average speed. LED regularity target speed indicators,
  • Performance timers showing: 0-60, 0-100, 0-xx customs speed. The timers also show deceleration timing,
  • Auto calibrate to any set distance,
  • Uses GPS to calibrated probes.

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