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Terratrip Bluetooth Adaptor

303+ V.4 Rally Computer

$ 325.00

Terratrip 303 Plus V.4 rally computer, new for 2013, features a new smaller case design (like that of the new GeoTrip version) features two readouts that will display combinations of time-of-day and stopwatch, time-of-day and interval distance, total distance and interval distance, or instantaneous speed and average speed. Total distance to 999.99, interval distance to 99.99, can count up, count down, or be frozen. The unit can be switched between miles and kilometers, and features dual, four-digit calibration for different tire sizes. Calibration factors are stored on an internal memory when the unit is switched off. Works with any two Terratrip probes or dual sensor interface. Available with remote display (TER-RD303GT) that can be set for speed, interval distance, or average speed. Also available with remote zeroing unit (TER-RZ3GT) for control when the co-driver is out of reach of the unit.

  • Total distance display up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99,
  • Time of day, stopwatch, speed and average speed,
  • Time of day display automatically freezes when the stopwatch is stopped making it easy to check rally officials time,
  • Calibrate for miles or km,
  • 5 Digit Calibration,
  • Two calibration numbers,
  • Speed indication,
  • Manually adjustable total distance display, or fast on FLY distance manipulation,
  • Count up and down facility,
  • Split (freeze) function,
  • LED Display back lighting,
  • Optional remote display for speed, interval distance or average speed,
  • Remote diplay showing regularity target speed LED,
  • Performance timers,
  • Two probe inputs.

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