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Terratrip Bluetooth Adaptor

202 Geotrip V5 Rally Computer

$ 400.00

The Terratrip 202 Geotrip V5 rally computer, the latest version of the 202 series with two readout displays, one for total distance (up to 999.99) and one for interval distance (up to 99.99) and speed indication, incorporates GPS & GLONASS satellite technology making installation and usage easier than ever before. GPS can also be more accurate than traditional speed probes because of the amount of wheel spin encountered with most rally cars, which would otherwise give a false distance reading.

The inbuilt GPS & GLONASS unit is far more accurate than those found in smart phones or sat nav devices and is proven accurate to 0.2% of total distance driven.

The option is still there to add up to two traditional speed probes if required as some events may be held in areas of dense forestry where a satellite signal may not always be present. In this instance the computer instantly recognizes that the satellite signal is lost and automatically switched the input to the speed probe until signal is restored. This way there is no break in the distance recorded. If the satellite signal is lost and no additional probes are in use, then the computer estimates the distance traveled while the signal was out.

This latest Terratrip 202 GeoTrip has the following features:

  • GPS & GLONASS Enabled,
  • External Antenna included,
  • Two distance displays (total up to 999.99 and interval up to 99.99),
  • Speed Indication,
  • Selectable for miles or kilometres calibration,
  • Stores 2 calibration settings even when powered down,
  • Backlit display,
  • Count up and count down facility Split (freeze) function,
  • Optional remote display for speed Interval distance or average speed,
  • Two probe inputs,
  • Option remote zeroing available (See accessories),
  • User selectable high resolution.

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