Sparco Racing Equipment

Originating in Italy, Sparco has grown in popularity with its premier line of steering wheels, seats, shoes, racing suits, helmets, harnesses, and auto parts. For the past 20 years, Sparco has been a distributor of quality products in the USA, sponsoring many races including motorcycle, rallies, and single-seaters. Subé Sports is a proud distributor of Sparco’s excellent products.

Sparco Racing Suits

Sparco manufactures top-quality, fireproof racing suits using advanced engineering for optimal performance. Their most recent product, the Extrema RS-10, is a result of three years of research and development to create the world’s lightest racing suit. This technology provides the protection of multiple layers in single-layer construction and offers three times more breathability than the standard racing suit. If you want a honeycomb structure for thin fabric, breathability, and durability, consider the Sparco Eagle RS-8, or try the upgraded Superleggera RS-9 with new stretch panels for a more fitted look. The Superleggera is the second lightest of the Sparco racing suits, with 50% more breathability than older models. Subé also carries a wide variety of double-layer Sparco suits for outstanding protection in karting and multi-pocket mechanics suits.

Sparco Helmets

Never consider racing without top-of-the-line safety products! Sparco manufactures stylish helmets with safety as a priority. Treat yourself to the best with a Sparco WTX 9 Air, built from strong carbon fiber. This helmet has passed one of the strictest safety tests, the FIA 8860. Amenities include multiple upper vents, removable lining for washing, and pre-molded drink tube and intercom system spaces. Over 30 years of development contributed to the WTX-7 model, which facilitates enhanced driver performance, safety, and comfort during grueling races. Enjoy the comfort and luxury of a Sparco helmet, designed by some of the top engineers in racing equipment. Your safety is a number one priority, but your comfort is also important. Browse our selection of Sparco racing helmets to find the perfect fit for you.

Sparco Shoes

Subé carries a selection of superior Sparco shoes, each designed specifically for racing or karting. Sparco shoes for racing comply with FIA regulations and offer comfort, grip, and excellent performance in every style. The line of Sparco karting shoes offer excellent support, protection, and breathability demanded by top karting teams.

Sparco Auto Parts

Choose comfort and safety for the long run with Sparco racing seats. For entry-level and weekend racers, the Sparco Sprint racing seat is made from quality, fire-retardant fabric with fifth and sixth seatbelt capabilities. Smaller drivers can sit comfortably in the Sparco seats like the Rev, specifically designed to fit a lighter body. For racers of more average stature, consider the Sparco Evo. It is made from composite fiberglass shells, non-slip fabric, and removable cushions for customizable comfort.

Grip your hands around a comfortable Sparco steering wheel. Our inventory includes the suede P260, P270, P285, and other specialty shapes and sizes to suit your individual racing needs. Browse through, and find exactly what you need.

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