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Schroth Profi II-FE ASM 4 Point Racing Seat Belt

Rallye Cross

$ 259.00

The Schroth Rallye Cross 4 point harness belt system is a street legal system that can be either directly attached to stock rear lap belt anchor points or wrapped around a roll bar, cage or shock tower. It features a quick release to allow access to rear seats. Features DOT approval, ASM Technology, and pressure minimizing lap pads. Shoulder belts are Wrap Around style without hardware (image with bolt-in hardware inserted and can be purchased separately). Available in red, blue, or black.

There are two main reasons why the Schroth Belts are the only safe aftermarket harnesses: ASM technology and the ability to install the belts to stock harness mounting locations.

ASM stands for Anti-Sub-Marining. It's an extra flap of material sewn into the inboard shoulder belt that prevents you from sliding underneath the lap belt. In a 4 point harness made by some other company, the two shoulder straps restrain your upper body equally. They keep your chest from moving forward. However, this also pulls up on the lap belt and allows your accelerating pelvis to slide under the lap belt and cause serious damage to your stomach and intestines. With ASM, one of the shoulder belts will elongate at a different rate which will force your pelvis down into the seat cushion. Upon rebound, you will be placed back in an upright position with the belt correctly placed over your body.

The Schroth street legal harness belts anchor to the original factory points (laps to the OEM front lap belt anchor provisions, and the shoulders to the rear lap belt anchor provisions), which means you don't have to worry about it ripping out of the sheet metal. The factory points are load tested to withstand a 3,000-pound force for 6 seconds. It has Anti-Sub-Marining (ASM) technology that keeps the lap belt low and your rear end firmly planted in the seat. Keeps the lap belt from riding up and squeezing your stomach and intestines.

SCHROTH street legal harness belts are unique in their ability to be installed to factory provided mounting points along with the factory provided seat belts. SCHROTH harness belts meet all certification requirements by the German TUV, ECE-R 16.04 and US-DOT FMVSS 209 for use on public roads. Each belt comes with complete installation and operating instructions. If your vehicle is listed in the included Vehicle Reference List the installation has been tested and approved with the stock seat or the listed aftermarket seats.

Note: In light of recent testing, Rallye Cross harnesses are no longer sided. In other words, there is no longer a specific Left or Right side Rallye Cross. This harness is not compatible with HANS or any other head and neck restraint devices. This harness is not approved for all vehicles and may exceeded the maximum shoulder strap downward angle recommended by Schroth.

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