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PUMA's Avanti race glove represents an out-seamed version of the Pro-Fit Cat glove and incorporates the new design features of the new PUMA Furio glove. The PUMA Avanti glove represents a fusion of both the Pro-fit and Furio gloves with an out-side seamed presentation combining all of the latest technology available for the Motorsport professional. Designed for maximum grip and comfort, that Avanti glove focuses on all of the contact points between the drivers hand and the steering wheel. Outside stitched and pre-formed sculptured finger construction on the palm side of the gloves compliment the tactile pads strategically placed through out the palm and finger areas of the glove. The Avanti glove features a fully encompassing sculptured barrier of 180gram knit Nomex covering both the back of the hand and through out the interior of the hand, fingers, and palm. Ergonomically positioned tactile pads of Pittards Digital fireproof leather provide hardwearing and maximum grip within the palm area. FIA 8856-2000 approved. Available in red, blue, black, and white. Sizes: 8-12.

  • Fully encompassing sculptured 180gram Knit Nomex construction,
  • Pre-formed finger construction for precise fitment and relaxed grip,
  • Strategically placed tactile pads of Pittards Fireproof Digital leather thoughout fingers and palm,
  • Medium length guantlet for good fire protection and ease of ingress and egress,
  • External seam construction for drivers with finger tip sensitivity,
  • FIA 8856-2000 Approved,
  • Sizes: 8-12.
Note: Clearance sale pricing of $99.00 for remaining sizes and colors only - see 'Choose a Size' drop-down for size and color availability. Sale is final on all clearance items - no returns, exchanges, or warranty.

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