Miss Cobra Seats : MEET Dana

Miss Cobra Race Seats : MEET Dana

Thank you so much for voting for me as a finalist, I am honored to represent Cobra Seats as such in 2011. I will need your vote next year for Miss Cobra Seats 2013, so dont forget me!"

Name:  Dana Hamm
City:  Lewis Center
Height:  5'9
Weight:  127
Measurements:  36-24-35
Control Knobs:  Dollar
Seat Position:  90°
Control Sensitivity:  Sensitive
Ride Comfort:  Comfortable
Hair:  dark brown
Eyes:  light green
Interests:  photography, film making, design, skincare, European artwork, ancient ruins, exotic travel, architecture, castles, wildlife, nature, muscle cars, organic foods, eastern medicine, various cultures, animal training, working with wild animals, interior design, cooking, writing... etc...
Why I wish to be MCS:

I think it would be a tremendous opportunity for me to work with such a well-known, established and trusted company in the automotive industry. It would also be a new venture for me, which I gladly welcome! I feel I would be a great asset to Cobra as well due to my current and upcoming work in print and film. I consider myself to be much more than just a pretty face...I'm highly educated and well-versed in a variety of subjects and matters - I feel I can talk to anyone on any level and be right at home :)

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