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Lifeline Bottle Service Refill Certification

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Sube Sports is a Lifeline Factory Authorized service facility for all Lifeline Fire extinguisher bottles and systems. We have a designated workshop for servicing all types of Lifeline Fire Extinguisher systems, so we are able to provide a full in house service with minimum turn around times. This also means that if you set your extinguisher off, we can refill and rearm the system. Mechanical systems can be serviced and/or refilled while you wait, electrical systems normally need 3 to 4 hours to complete. Alternatively, you can send us your extinguisher and we will service and return it to you within 24 hours of us receiving it.

Lifeline fire extinguishers used for Motorsport are required to be serviced every 2 years to remain compliant with FIA rules. If your extinguisher has not been serviced for 4 years or more it may not be in serviceable condition due to internal bottle corrosion. The cylinder must be serviced by Lifeline or an approved service agent every 2 years, if a cylinder misses 2 services (4 years) it is scrap and will not be serviced.

All Lifeline fire extinguishers have a 10 year life. So if your extinguisher has passed its' service life, it can no longer be serviced. Rather than buying a complete new kit, you can simply replace the bottle and utilize all of your existing parts, the bracket, straps, tubing, etc. to save you time and money.

If you require your Lifeline fire extinguisher to be serviced, certified, or refilled due to being discharged then the first step is to contact us with the details or which extinguisher you have and we can quote you a price. The information we require is:

  • The type of extinguishent (Zero 2000 AFFF, Zero-360 Novec 1230 Gas, or Zero-0 Novec 1230 Gas),
  • We also need to know if your extinguisher is mechanically, electrically, or remote discharge operated,
  • The capacity of the system,
  • The date of manufacture punched out on the FIA label.
You can either call our technical team with the details on (714)847-1501, or you can email the details to The next step is to send your extinguisher to us or bring it to our Service Center in Huntington Beach, CA where it will be serviced by our trained technicians and then return to you.

Pricing for Lifeline fire extinguisher servicing, which includes refilling the extinguishant start at $74.50 (2.25L Zero 2000 Mechanical system). Prices may vary depending on the type, capacity, and condition of internal parts once the extinguisher is dismantled and inspected.

Note: The service cannot be ordered on-line and the price is not $0.00.

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