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1.5KG ZERO Elec. Remote Cartidge - CD

$ 2,499.00

Lifeline 1.5KG Zero ZERO Electrical Remote Constant Discharge fire system is Lifeline's latest range of fire suppression systems is aimed specifically to meet the needs of the international single seat and sports car user.

Resulting from probably the most extensive development and test programme Zero ZERO brings new levels of race car fire protection combined with significantly improved transportation and servicing benefits to meet the needs of our worldwide customers.

Using only 1.5kg of 3M� Novec 1230� clean agent extinguishant combined with Lifeline�s Compression Discharge technology you are assured of superior results over standard stored pressure systems, as only pure undiluted extinguishing agent is deployed, unlike others that are saturated with Nitrogen thereby reducing efficiency of the agent. Zero ZERO system discharge is achieved through specially designed high flow nozzles optimised to suit the Novec� 1230 product and creating a fire smothering gas cloud in the engine and crew compartments.

Zero ZERO also has the benefit of being a liquid un-pressurised product which means that hazardous goods transportation requirements common to many current extinguisher products can be no longer applicable. To help reduce life cycle costs and down times we have also included provision for teams to carry out refilling operations in-house, subject to training and equipment.

Available with electric or remote pressure discharge activation, all parts are CAD designed for optimum performance. Each part of every fitting kit has been carefully designed and specified for a professional and simple installation. FIA Homologation: EX.027.08.

Kit includes:

  • Power Pack (x 1),
  • Switches Aluminium Shroud (x 2),
  • Plug & Lead (x 2),
  • 8mm Tube (x 6m),
  • Heatproof Over Braid (x 6m),
  • Nozzle Engine (Z) (x 2),
  • Nozzle Cockpit (x 2),
  • 8mm T Connector (x 2),
  • Bulkhead Fitting (x 1),
  • Pipe Clip (x 1 pack),
  • Remote Charge Saddle (x 2),
  • Decal Pack (x 1).
Note: Filled and pressurized systems/bottles cannot be shipped via Air/Expedited services such as UPS Next Day, 2nd Day, and 3 Day Select. All filled and charge bottles and systems will be shipped UPS ground service to the delivery address selected regardless of the delivery method selected in check out.

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