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Pro-Fit Center Pads

$ 59.00

Cobra's PRO-FIT system is a unique selection of internal padding designed by Cobra to help accommodate a wider range of fitments within a standard range of seats. The benefits are that the user is more accurately positioned in the seat so that the harness and Hans device work to their full potential, the user is more comfortable and ultimately safety is maximized. Each composite Cobra seat is supplied as standard with a base and knee cushion available in three depths (LO/MID/HI) along with a backrest available in two depths (LO/MID). Combined with standard and GT shell widths, there is a choice of 36 size combinations ensuring there is an exact fit for every driver.

All Cobra Pro-Fit seats come standard with a mid height back and base seat cushions and have optional ultra low or higher cushion options to get the best possible driver position and comfort.

Cobra's Pro range of seats also all feature the brand new FIA WRC compliant Fire Retardant Spacer Fabric which meets the new standard for FIA seat safety which is mandatory in the WRC. Spacer Fabric also aids airflow to driver's body. Dual layer fabric with wicking draws moisture from the body whilst allowing air to circulate, also ultra fast drying due to open cell face layer. Ultra hard wearing, the Spacer fabric offers unrivaled performance and long life.

Additional PRO-FIT cushions are available for each of the Back (Lo/Std), Base (Lo/Std/Hi), or Knee (Lo/Std/Hi) positions. Available in black only at this time.

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