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SK-6 K2020

$ 649.95

The Arai SK-6 karting helmet utilizes the same overall design and immensely strong shell as the GP-6S race helmet for auto racing with lightweight Complex Laminate Construction (CLC). Arai's proprietary CLC (Complex Laminate Construction)shell technology of the SK6 is so strong it allows the use of an extremely soft EPS liner for better comfort and impact energy management.

Arai SK-6 Helmet features large intake vents with adjustable apertures and large exhaust holes for increased airflow from front to rear through the helmet. The Arai SK-6 also features a slightly wider eye port for increased peripheral vision, a positive shield locking mechanism providing solid shield latching while allowing normal operation, a their new pivot hardware with a redesigned track slider that improves aerodynamics.

The SK-6, like all Arai karting helmets prior, has been designed with the kart racer in mind. A Coolmax nylon liner provides great breathability and is super easy to wash, and removable cheek pads for a custom fit and even more thorough cleaning. Also, a newly sculpted chin bar and ridge along the lower edge have been added to improve structural integrity, give extra clearance above the shoulders, and lower the center of gravity. Snell K2020 Approved. Available in white color only. Sizes: XS-XL.

  • Based on the GP-6S auto racing helmet,
  • Complex Laminate Construction (CLC),
  • Enhanced Hyper Ridge shell strengthening in lower section,
  • Multi-Density hybrid inner shell liner,
  • Larger opening for increased ease when taking the helmet on or off,
  • 4-point inlet and outlet ventilation system,
  • Two larger ventilation inlet scoops (holes increased from 7.8mm to 10mm),
  • Two larger ventilation outlets at the rear covered by DDL Duct (holes increased from 7.8mm to 10mm),
  • Dual inlet chin ventilation,
  • Visor locking system with lever for easier opening (as recommended by IRL),
  • Improved visor pivot kit for better aerodynamics and easier visor operation,
  • Smaller top-bottom portal visor aperture (60mm),
  • Coolmax washable nylon lining,
  • Snell K2020 Approved.

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