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GP-J3 SA2020

$ 659.95

The Arai GP-J3 auto racing helmet is now available with a Snell SA2020 Approval and remains unchanged from its SA2015 predecessor which in turn replaced the very popular Arai GP-Jet/F Open face helmet, a very good choice for track days, rally drivers, and driving school instructors.

The Arai GP-J3 open-face helmet incorporates the same Type 'f' shell utilized in the GP-Jet/F helmets with an updated and improved shell shape and construction featuring lower shell molding detail to add strength. The Arai GP-J3 helmet features four top vents, giving the Jet series the best-ever ventilation system. M6 HANS device anchor posts have been provided by the factory as an improvement over the previous GP-Jet/F model. Cheek pads and the comfortable headliner are removable and replaceable with optional pads of various thicknesses for a more custom fit as well as allowing for more frequent and thorough cleaning when needed.

The Arai GP-J3 SA2020 also features an adjustable peak which combines the adjustability of the previous Jet-2 and Jet/F models with the classic rounded styling of the Jet Vintage. The peak also includes an easily removable/replaceable light tint anti-glare lens. Snell SAH2020 approved. Available in white. Sizes: S - XL.

  • cLc Construction - Arai's lightweight cLc shell construction maintains low overall weight,
  • Shell Shape - A smaller more 'natural' head shape to create a lower center of gravity which balances and stabilizes the helmet to feel lighter and reduce fatigue,
  • Adjustable peak featuring an easily removable/replaceable light tint anti-glare lens,
  • Removable/ Replaceable Cheek pads - For easy cleaning, the cheek pads are removable. Optional cheek pads of varying thickness can be inserted to provide a more customized fit,
  • Ventilation - Two large upper intake ducts and two exhaust ducts allow for improved airflow even within the confines of a cramped cockpit,
  • Snell SA2020 Approved,
  • FIA 8859-2015 Approved.

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