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GP-7SRC ABP 8860-2018

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The new ARAI GP-7 SRC ABP (Advanced Ballistic Protection) is an absolute masterpiece of Arai engineering, performance and comfort. It also conforms to the new FIA standard 8860-2018, which is intended to be the safest in the world for top-end helmets used in motor sports and an advance on FIA 8860-2010. Key to the GP-7 SRC�s fundamental strength is its shell, which is built around a proprietary Carbon Fiber (CF) weave that combines CF�s existing benefits of high strength and extreme light weight with a major added benefit that standard CF does not possess � flexibility (standard CF tends to splinter or shatter instead of flex on impact). The result is a helmet ready for the unparalleled demands and requirements of car racing, whose list of technological features is impressive because, for this helmet and its prospective user, it simply has to be.

For open cockpit racing the GP-7 SRC ABP offers Advanced Ballistic Protection with a specification built around development of a unique advanced ballistic test, based on military specifications. The new ABP incorporates the external intrusion panel, previously mounted to the shield, is now integrated into the helmet shell itself. Protection is provided against projectiles weighing up to 225 grams and travelling at 250kp/h. The eye port from the ABP version is lowered by 10mm.

The Arai GP-7 SRC ABP Carbon Helmet is made entirely from ultra lightweight and immensely strong hand laid Carbon Fiber. The helmet shell is profiled to accommodate the FHR device and is fully compliant with the latest FIA 8860-2018 standard which is required for many international series. The visor opening system features a lever operation (Positive Shield Latch) which is simple and effective to use even within the tight confines of a single seater or when wearing gloves.

The Arai GP-7SRC ABP features a visor aperture of 60mm with ballistic panel directly above for increased penetration resistance, compound curve shield is prepared for use with tear offs which are included with the helmet. The GP-7SRC ABP helmet ventilation features 5 inlets (2 on the chin bar and 3 adjustable scoops) and 2 outlets on the crown (these crown vents feature a 25% increase in diameter) and ensures both increased comfort and increased anti-fogging.

Note: the GP-7 SRC ABP helmet is supplied without any top vents fitted (vent holes are left open). Each helmet box will contain a package with various ventilation ducts so that the driver can choose what�s most suitable depending on driving position and personal preference. These are the parts included: Performance Enhancement Device (PED) kit (spoiler set front and rear), Screw Kit (4 x torx, 4 x washer & 1 x pressure plate set), Vent kit (7 x Tear Duct, 2 x TDF3, 1 x XDB2), Post anchor set, Torx (T20) screwdriver, Sticker set (2 x 11cm, 2 x 9cm w/masking film for custom painting, 2 x 5.5cm).

The Arai GP-7SRC ABP helmet is supplied with the famous Arai PED spoiler kit and has factory supplied HANS/FHR posts. The shell is supplied in a clear finish in preparation for painting to your design or for lacquering to emphasize the visible carbon weave. FIA 8860-2018 Approved. Available in Carbon Fiber finish only. Sizes: XS-L. (This helmet has only been homologated in sizes up to and including Large. If you require a size X-Large, currently the only option is to choose the Arai GP-6RC).

  • Racing Carbon Shell - Arai's proprietary Carbon Fiber material and weave provide an extremely strong, yet flexible material, which helps impact energy management. Multiple reinforcing materials are used to improve performance and keep weight and size to a minimum,
  • Built-in Intrusion Panel - The GP-7SRC ABP is the helmet for open cockpit race cars. The new ABP incorporates the external intrusion panel, previously mounted to the shield, is now integrated into the helmet shell itself,
  • Shell Shape - A smaller more 'natural' head shape to create a lower center of gravity which balances and stabilizes the helmet to feel lighter and reduce fatigue,
  • EPS Liner - Arai 1-piece multiple density EPS inner liner combined uniformly with the Carbon Fiber outer shell utilizing different EPS densities are seamlessly formed together into a single liner,
  • New FCS Cheek Pads - For the GP-7SRC the cheek pads are sculpted to grip the lower jaw of the driver more securely. This feature was highlighted by our F1 drivers as they feel the helmet encapsulates their head better and also reduces outside wind noise,
  • Removeable/ Replaceable Cheek pads - For easy cleaning, the cheek pads are removeable. Optional cheek pads of varying thickness can be inserted to provide a more customized fit,
  • Positive Shield Latch - Positive latch mechanism provides Solid shield latching with a one-motion lift and push to open,
  • New Shield Pivot Hardware - New shield pivot hardware, with new one-piece track slider and screw hardware that is adjusted with a T-20 Torx screw. This allows the pivot point of the shield opening to moved downwards on the shell to give the shell more area for Glancing Off Shield,
  • New Ventilation - Three large, closeable, intake vents combined with larger 10mm holes and two additional exhaust vents in the center of the helmet greatly increase air flow. While a redesigned exhaust cowling improves aerodynamics and hot air escaping the helmet,
  • M6 Anchor Type - Integrated flat seats to accommodate a variety of Head and Neck Restraint devices. Pre-Installed M6 threaded washer/nut, with 6mm threads, to accept a variety of anchors systems for variety of Head and Neck Restraint devices,
  • E-Ject Ready Crown Pad - Pre-cut pocket, under crown pad, can be easily removed to accommodate optional E-Ject(R) system,
  • Drink System Compatibility - The chin liner is now more easily removed to install a drink tube into the chin liner. The chin liner comes standard with 4 different drink hose placements,
  • FIA 8860-2018 Approved.

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