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GP-7 SA2020

$ 1,069.95

The new Arai GP-7 Auto Racing Helmet combines Arai's proprietary, groundbreaking PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate) shell construction, an ultra-comfortable interior, and a host of new Arai technological solutions that create the latest Arai automotive racing helmet.

The Arai GP-7 helmet delivers an extensive list of new features including; a new re-positioned lower shield pivot point that increases the protective area of the helmet, new restyled air intake ports for optimum efficiency, two additional exhaust ports on the top of the helmet for improved exhaust airflow, a new chin bar design, new cheek pads that encapsulate your head for an amazing compact feel, and an updated rear exhaust cowling for improved aerodynamics and better exhaust air venting. The proven Arai shell gives the Arai GP-7 incredible strength and flexibility, and that strength allows Arai to use an extremely soft EPS liner that's so comfortable it'll make you think more about a nap than a race. Right until you strap in, that is.

The Arai GP-7 FRP helmet is now Snell SA2020 certified, with the M6 washer/nut installed at the factory. With the 6mm washer/nut installed, anyone can now easily install a variety of Head and Neck Restraint systems that use a 6mm bolt to their helmet. This helmet also comes with the FIA-8859-2015 certification sticker applied to the interior liner of the helmet. Snell SA2020 and FIA 8859-2015 Approved and Certified. Available in white or flat black colors. Sizes: XS-L.

  • Complex Laminate Construction (CLC) with Arai's proprietary PBcLc (Peripherally Belted Complex Laminate) shell construction for additional reinforcement,
  • Shell Shape - A smaller more 'natural' head shape to create a lower center of gravity which balances and stabilizes the helmet to feel lighter and reduce fatigue,
  • EPS Liner - Arai 1-piece multiple density EPS inner liner combined uniformly with the PB-CLC outer shell utilizing different EPS densities are seamlessly formed together into a single liner,
  • New FCS Cheek Pads - For the GP-7SRC the cheek pads are sculpted to grip the lower jaw of the driver more securely. This feature was highlighted by our F1 drivers as they feel the helmet encapsulates their head better and also reduces outside wind noise,
  • Removeable/ Replaceable Cheekpads - For easy cleaning, the cheek pads are removable. Optional cheek pads of varying thickness can be inserted to provide a more customized fit,
  • Positive Shield Latch - Positive latch mechanism provides Solid shield latching with a one-motion lift and push to open,
  • New Shield Pivot Hardware - New shield pivot hardware, with a new one-piece track slider and screw hardware that is adjusted with a T-20 Torx screw. This allows the pivot point of the shield opening to move downwards on the shell to give the shell more area for Glancing Off Shield,
  • New Ventilation - Three large, closeable, intake vents combined with larger 10mm holes and two additional exhaust vents in the center of the helmet greatly increase airflow. While a redesigned exhaust cowling improves aerodynamics and hot air escaping the helmet,
  • M6 Anchor Type - Integrated flat seats to accommodate a variety of Head and Neck Restraint devices. Pre-installed M6 threaded washer/nut, with 6mm threads, to accept a variety of anchor systems for a variety of Head and Neck Restraint devices,
  • E-Ject Ready Crown Pad - Pre-cut pocket, under crown pad, can be easily removed to accommodate optional E-Ject(R) system,
  • Drink System Compatibility - The chin liner is now more easily removed to install a drink tube into the chin liner. The chin liner comes standard with 4 different drink hose placements,
  • Snell SA2020 Approved,
  • FIA 8859-2015 Approved.

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