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The Alpinestars Vapor Boot Suit auto racing suit represents a whole new entry level suit with all the protection of Alpinestars top-tier race suits for Professionals. Alpinestars offers the first time racer or the budget racer the performance and design that all Alpinestars suits offer at a great price with the new Knoxville suit model.

The new Alpinestars Vapor suit is essentially the replacement suit to the Knoxville suit for 2024. Constructed in a three layer configuration with anatomical appendages and featuring boot cut NASCAR style legs, the Alpinestars Vapor suit provides both adequate protection and performance for the driver.

The Alpinestars Vapor Boot Cut Suit suit has a three-layer construction with a strong fire-resistant cotton twill and feltro padding for optimum levels of driver protection. This suit is also equipped with stretch panels on the crotch, waist and underarm for an enhanced fit, and a twill fire-resistant cotton outer shell and lining for maximum driver comfort. Other key design features include a 3/4 stretchable arm construction, pre-curved arms and legs, stretch panels on the crotch, waist and shoulders for driver comfort and an optimized fit, and a boot cut leg with inner knitted elasticated cuff for maximum protection. As well as incorporating all these excellent safety features and innovative materials, the Vapor Boot Cut suit is certified to SFI standards, and is lightweight and anatomically optimized. SFI 3.2/5 Approved. Available in black/white, or mid gray/black color combinations. Sizes: Child: 120-150, and Adult: 44-66.

  • Multi-layer assembly suit incorporating knitted stretchable panels for maximum comfort and excellent resistance,
  • 100% fire-resistant fabric for high heat and flame-resistant proprieties,
  • Aramidic lining for maximum heat transfer protection,
  • Anatomical arm patterning for optimum driving position fit,
  • Internal flat seams reduce pressure points in the driving position,
  • Fitted design, adjustable collar, and elasticized waist for precise and secure fit,
  • Alpinestars shoulder epaulette construction to facilitate effective driver extraction,
  • Boot cut leg construction for that NASCAR look,
  • Unobtrusive thigh pockets for convenient storage,
  • SFI 3.2 A/5 Approved.

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