Alpinestars Racing Equipment

Since 1963, Alpinestars has been a top manufacturer and distributer of high-performance racing gear for NASCAR, Formula One, motorcycle, Motorcross, and MotoGP, as well as biking and surfing. Alpinestars is acclaimed for its quality safety products, Nomex and Aramidic fiber suits, and leadership in the racing equipment industry. Browse our broad selection of Alpinestars gloves, racing suits, underwear, shoes, and more! Whether you are a casual rider, serious racer, or racing enthusiast, Alpinestars’ products are a great solution to meet your needs.

Alpinestars Racing Suits

Each Alpinestar racing suit is tailored for protection, comfort, and safety. The Alpinestar Supertech race suit is engineered with multi-layer Aramidic fiber that gives the suit breathability, promotes effective regulation of body temperature, and offers flexibility in each joint and limb for superior driving comfort. The exterior of the suit is designed with trusted heat and flame-resistant material to maximize your safety. The GP TECH is the lightest and most advanced Alpinestars racing suit. By positioning stretch panels in the back, lumbar, crotch, and knee zones, Alpinestars has maximized flexibility and comfort. The GP Race is excellent for resisting heat with heat transfer protection, telescopic panel construction, and floating arm construction for movability and maximum comfort. For kart enthusiasts and racers, browse our selection of outstanding Alpinestars suits for karting. You’ll find the perfect fit for you needs with these suits that comply with the latest homologation requirements and provide superior comfort, breathability, abrasion, and heat protection.

Alpinestars Gloves

Feel the advanced fit and grip with Alpinestars gloves for racing and karting. The TECH 1-ZX 2015 is designed for maximum comfort, with flame-resistant fabric for optimal protection. Alpinestars has an exclusive internal 3D injected pattern that improves the fit and grip of each glove. The glove is designed with a pre-curve to allow comfort and flexibility in each wear. The TECH 1-Z 2015 has been redesigned with flame-resistant cotton lining, and innovative Nomex construction for optimal comfort and feel. Each glove has textured leather patches on the palm with memory foam inside for comfort, fit, and maximum grip.

Alpinestars Racing Shoes

Step into the latest technology from Alpinestars. The TECH1-Z 2015 model is constructed from high-comfort and abrasion-resistant kangaroo leather. Perforated areas provide a breathable solution, with nitrile rubber collar padding for extra comfort. The Alpinestars TECH 1-Z also features a top-speed Kevlar lacing system to keep you fast and competitive! The Alpinestars TECH 1-T 2015 model is developed for high-performance across all types of motorsports. They are fitted with full-grain leather construction that is re-lasted for a long-lasting shape. Browse through our selection of Alpinestars racing shoes, and you are guaranteed to find the perfect fit for your needs!

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