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The Alpinestars Hypertech V3 race suit is a super lightweight and breathable two-layer suit with an athletic fit, designed and developed for drivers looking for professional levels of racing performance. The Alpinestars Hypertech V3 suit also meets the much stricter requirements of the new FIA Standard 8856-2018 while still managing to maintain its incredible lightweight feel; weighing in at an impressive 265g/sqm.

The outer shell of the Hypertech V3 suit is constructed from an aramidic Nomex anti-static outershell that provides optimal heat and flame resistance, while maintaining the lightest possible weight, while the new internal lining is an innovative aramidic knit, that again meets the new FIA standard. The Hypertech V3 has an innovative cuff construction providing a slimmer fit at the wrist and forearm.

The Hypertech V3 suit also incorporates thin, stretchable, superlight panels developed exclusively for Alpinestars which maximize the comfort levels on offer and also allows the suit to regulate the body temperature to optimum levels. These F1 derived stretch panels are strategically placed at the elbow area, lower back and sides, crotch and knee zones and provide excellent levels of flexibility and freedom of movement in all the key mobility areas. Alpinestars’ all-new extraction handle design from Formula 1 provides an effective safety feature for the extraction of the driver in the event of a crash. FIA 8856-2018 Approved. Available in black dark shadow, mid-gray/black/red fluo, and white/black/silver color combinations. Sizes: 44-60.

  • Super-lightweight and breathable two-layer suit incorporating thin stretchable panels for maximum comfort and effective regulation of body temperature,
  • Innovative soft lining material technology ensures breathability and comfort,
  • Strategically positioned Formula 1-derived stretch panels at lower back and sides, elbow, crotch and knee zones for enhanced flexibility, both in and out the car,
  • Alpinestars' fully floating arm construction with stretchable knit fabric ensures minimal material resistance while driving,
  • Soft and thin wrist and ankle cuffs for maximum comfort and reduced weight,
  • Flat seam construction for reduced pressure points and improve strength,
  • Specially-designed soft collar incorporates leather details, knit fabric and secure hook and loop closure,
  • Alpinestars exclusive shoulder epaulette construction provides an effective feature for the extraction of the driver in the event of a crash,
  • Printed logos help maintain the suit's material integrity and reduce overall weight,
  • Premium YKK thin lightweight zipper personalized with Alpinestars leather puller, plus double slider for a versatile and customizable fit,
  • Alpinestars new extraction handle design from F1,
  • Ultra fit design,
  • Weight 265g/sqm,
  • FIA 8856-2018 Approved.

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