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The Alpinestars GP Pro Comp V2 version of the original Alpinestars GP Pro Comp race suit has been developed to meet the stringent FIA 8856-2018 homologation for increased flame and heat protection. Alpinestars have surpassed this requirement while maintaining the light weight and superb comfort levels associated with the brand.

This all new Alpinestars GP Pro Comp Version 2 suit features an outer shell developed exclusively for Alpinestars to provide optimum protection with a light weight and exceptional heat / flame protection. A soft Aramidic knitted lining features an open weave for superb comfort levels which when coupled with stretchable mesh panels provide the suit with increased breath-ability to aid body temperature regulation.

A first for Alpinestars is the addition of silicone grip technology on the shoulder and lower back areas. This reduces the movement of an FHR device and helps prevent body movement within the seat. Another addition to the suit is a Formula 1 derived cable opening with self-closing flap to facilitate communications wiring or cooling vest tubing. Fully floating sleeves and stretch mesh panels located on the lower back and crotch areas allow for enhanced flexibility and a tall, ribbed collar enhances the comfort level further.

The Alpinestars GP Pro Comp suit is designed to be a close-fitting suit with internal flat seams, adjustable collar, and belted waist for a precise fit. Weight: 345g/sqm. FIA 8856-2018 Approved. Available in black/asphalt/white, black/asphalt/orange flou, silver/blue/asphalt, asphalt/red/white, and asphalt/cyan/white color combinations. Sizes: 44-66.

  • Three-layer, lightweight suit incorporating knitted stretchable panels for maximum comfort and excellent breathability,
  • Alpinestars fully floating arm construction with stretchable knit fabric ensures minimal material resistance while driving,
  • Alpinestars shoulder epaulette construction facilitates the effective extraction of the driver in the event of a crash,
  • Innovative silicon grip technology details on shoulders and lower back to provide more feeling / connection with the HANS device and inside a car seat,
  • Ribbed, stretchable wrist cuffs,
  • Formula 1-derived cable opening for cooling vest system or communications on the left of the body, covered by a self-closing flap to ensure maximum levels of protection,
  • Internal flat seams reduce pressure points in the suit for more comfortable driving,
  • Close-fitting design and adjustable collar and belted waist for precise fit,
  • ALPINESTARS PROTECTS slogan on the lower back of the lining; the same design as used on Alpinestars F1 racing suits,
  • Range of new aggressive colorways and design detailing,
  • Weight 345g/sqm,
  • FIA 8856-2018 Approved.

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