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SLW GT7 2019

$ 179.00

PUMA SLW GT7 race glove for 2019 is a high tech, ultra-light professional race glove representing PUMA�s latest technology in weight reduction and ergonomic design. Tested for over four years with World Champions in F1, DTM, Indy Car, ALMS, and NASCAR, this gloves features a weight reduction of greater than 25 grams within the knit Aramid material, and an updated light-weight printed PUMA 'Logo 1' graphic for 2019. The SLW GT7 glove delivers an unique, elegant, and relevant design for top-tier professional drivers.

The PUMA SLW GT7 glove is designed for maximum grip and comfort focusing on all of the contact points between the drivers hand and the steering wheel. Mixed outside an internal stitched and pre-formed sculptured finger construction matched on the palm side of the gloves with the newly re-designed, strategically placed tactile rubberized contact pads. This new re-designed 'Super Grip' palm enables a firm handling of the steering wheel in the most demanding Motorsport venues.

The 2019 version of the SLW GT7 glove is identical and structurally the same as the 2017 version, but with a change in graphic colors on the back-side of the glove. Available in black/white, red/white, and white/black color combinations. FIA 8856-2000 and SFI 3.3/5 Approved. Sizes: 8-12.

  • Super Light Wieght (SLW) Knit Nomex (25 grams lighter),
  • Re-Designed ergonomically shaped, and strategically placed digital rubberized tactile palm and fingers grips,
  • F1 inspired digitally printed graphics and colors,
  • Pre-curved fingers with fourchettes,
  • Mixed out-seam and in-seam for greater comfort and cockpit tactility,
  • Printed graphic designs and logos for weight reduction,
  • FIA 8856-2000 Approved.
  • SFI 3.3/5 Approved.

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