Miss Cobra Seats : Contestant : Ralphie Hillman

Name:  Ralphie Hillman
City:  Jacksonville
DOB:  September 18, 1984
Height:  5'6
Weight:  115
Measurements:  34-25-34
Control Knobs:  Half Dollar
Seat Position:  90°
Control Sensitivity:  Very Sensitive
Ride Comfort:  Comfortable
Hair:  brown
Eyes:  brown
Interests:  My intrests include my family and I love anything EXCITING and THRILLING! Sky diving, base jumping, bunjee jumping, mountain/rock climbing, racing dirtbikes, streetbikes and cars. WII, football, traveling and modeling!
Website:  http://www.betus.com.pa/miss-betus/pin-ups/jennifer-hillman/
Why I wish to be MCS:

I grew up on dirtbikes, & go carts. I love 2 wheelers, 3 wheelers, 4 wheelers, basically anything on wheels that goes FAST! I'd ride a unicycle around if it went fast and had a cobra seat on it instead of a bicycle seat! lol I wanna GO FAST! If your not first your last! lol

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