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Rain Light LED FIA List 76

$ 199.00

Lifeline LED Rain Light is the latest rendition of Lifeline's FIA Aproved Rain Light featuring 11 ultra-bright surface mounted LED's to give increased levels of brightness along with great visibility, even in hazardous driving conditions. With a light output of 3269cd (more than 3.5x the competition), this light is intensely bright and extremely visible. The 4Hz flash mode meets the latest FIA standard, flashing between full power and 40% to ensure constant visibility.

The Lifeline LED Rain Light is housed in a tough aluminium case with quality internals to help withstand the harshness of Motorsport conditions. Due to the extreme demands of motorsport, the Lifeline Rain Light has been vigorously tested against vibration and is completely waterproof.

The Lifeline LED Rain Light has an estimated 35,000 hour life - approximately 3.5 times more than the typical competitor. Made with an engineered aluminum heatsink base and 100% weatherproof connectors, this piece is designed to last in the most demanding conditions, as it is the only rain light commercially available that passes FIA Tech List 76.

An additional flash feature has been introduced to ensure the products compliance with any regulations that may come in future. The Lifeline LED Rain Light can used as a constant light or a flashing light (no special switches needed). The unit measures 100 x 62 x 21.5mm and features two M6 bolts for fixing and weighs approximately 230grms.

  • Light emitting Diode display,
  • 11 High Intensity LED light sources,
  • Viewable angle of +/- 20 degrees,
  • Average light output of 3269Cd,
  • Optional flash circuit @ 4Hz,
  • Dual integrated M6 fixation bolts,
  • Water-tight Aluminum casing,
  • Dimensions: 100x62x21.5mm,
  • FIA homologated: MSA/RWL/36/14.

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