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3.0L Mech. Steel Bottle Only

$ 330.00

Lifeline 3.0 Liter Mechanical Steel BOTTLE ONLY. All Lifeline fire extinguishers have a 10 year life span. So if your extinguisher has passed this life, it can no longer be serviced. Rather than buying a complete new kit, you can simply replace the bottle and utilize all of your existing parts, the bracket, straps, tubing, etc. to save you time and money.

Replacement ABF bottle for Lifeline 2020 mechanical system. ABF replaces the previous AFFF foam. The ABF is more effective so a smaller amount of material and a smaller bottle is required. Less material = less weight! The ABF foam suppressant is a water-based liquid that coats surfaces, removing the ignition source and oxygen. The foam can only suppress what it is in sight so the position of the nozzles is critical. Once the fire is smothered the foam stays behind to prevent flare-ups. It works especially well on fuel and oil fires but not good at all for an electrical fire. Clean-up is easy as you can rinse surfaces clear but the chemical can be corrosive if left behind. The Bottle weighs approximately 6.4kgs when full, bottle length is 342mm with a diameter of 155mm. The bottle is manufactured from Steel.

Note: Bottle only and does not include bracket as pictured.

Note: Filled and pressurized systems/bottles cannot be shipped via Air/Expedited services such as UPS Next Day, 2nd Day, and 3 Day Select. All filled and charge bottles and systems will be shipped UPS ground service to the delivery address selected regardless of the delivery method selected in check out.

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