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A new and exciting range of steering wheels are available from Sparco. The whole range has been renewed with the addition of new models, new colors, and anatomical grips. Particular attention has been paid to the anodizing and color variations to complement Sparco's knob and pedal lines, or any interior. All models are different from one another from spoke design, wheel diameter, and dish to accommodate any application from street to race. Sparco steering wheels utilized in British and German Touring car series are recognized as the choice of champions.

In 1964 Ferrari won the Formula 1 World Championship with a steering wheel created by Gianpiero Moretti. This was the first MOMO steering wheel, and the first success for a brand destined to win numerous titles in every category, from Formula 1 to the World Rally championship, from Group C to Touring car. Momo steering wheels are perfectly fitted to the most innovated and technologically advanced dashboards. Just grip them: and you will not let go.

OMP is one of the worlds leading manufacturers of steering wheels, steering hubs, and steering wheel accessories. All steering wheels are made from the best quality materials including suede, top-grain leather, and molded polyurethane. Anatomical design, first grade coverings with non-interference seams are standard features of OMP designed competition and tuning wheels. Many color choices are available and every wheel can be further customized with steering wheel hub rings and aluminium wheel spacers.

Lifeline manufactures a complete line of CNC machined quick release steering wheel bosses utilizing aircraft quality hard-anodised aluminium for strength and durability. Both male and female engagement splines are precision gear cut incorporating a master spline for accurate alignment. Lifeline quick releases conform to the latest FIA requirements.

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